Man and Woman

Man and Woman

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And God created Adam…male and female… (Genesis 1:27)

 According to mystical teachings, Adam was originally created as an androgynous being who contained both male and female elements, bonded together like Siamese twins.

 The relationship between masculine and feminine is the core of our existence: the relation of man and woman is paralleled in the relation of God and man, and of God and the people of Israel. So too, for Raanan, the subject of man and woman, male and female, night and day, sun and moon, unity and duality, has been a subject of continual exploration. 

In this painting, the abstract beginning of the journey of male/female relationship is depicted as asymmetrical and undefined, without boundaries, leaving open the question of where one ends and the other begins. There is space and depth in their union, but also flatness and solidity, along with a sense of the ethereal. They dance together in a blue fluidity of paint. Within, are numerous relationship possibilities for they contain within them both the heavens and the constellations of their journey to becoming independent beings. They are beings of cosmic importance.

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